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Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports

What is PBIS?

PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Support) is a team based approach for improving student behavior. It is used with all students, across all environments in school, to help WFES to create effective learning environments.

When students follow expectations, they are reconginized with a Beezer Buck or DOJO point. Students are able to cash in their points or beezer bucks for rewards.

PBIS Mission Statement

To facilitate positive behavioral changes in our students and staff through the application of a Response to Intervention approach to student behavior. To reduce the number of inappropriate behaviors and to increase academic achievement by educating the students and staff and reinforcing positive behaviors.

Our Mission at West Fannin is to be kind, responsible, to listen, and to learn to be my best.


West Fannin Elementary PBIS Team Members

Lucas Roof - Principal

Alison Danner - Assistant Principal

Diana Odom - Counselor

Shannon Cioffi - ParentLiaison

Rebecca Erwin - Kindergarten
Cindy Hicks - 1st Grade
Kelly Brown - 2nd Grade
Joan Jantti - 3rd Grade
Cayley Bryant - 4th Grade
Tori Arp - 5th Grade
Gretta Griffin - Special Education
Chris Mashburn - Activity
Debbie Morgan - Academic Coach